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I started as a youngster with a pharmaceutical company, many years ago. At that time I was hired for a logistic job. In my mind however I wanted to become the Master of Marketing in Pharma land and my first personal goal was to get all kinds of marketing certificates (for the Dutch people I am referring to Nima A & B).

Watching the people in marketing jobs every day made it very clear to me that the people in these profiles had a doctor or vet degree – which I did not have at the time.

Pretty quickly I was offered a sales rep position. That would be a perfect start towards marketing, right? Unfortunately it was not in the region of my preference.

So I chose to stay with my old job, pretty much secure, at the supply chain department. And in the mean time I discovered that I loved to be in the middle of all the processes ensuring our customers received our products in time at the right place and with the right quality.

How satisfying is that!

After some months the preferred region became available and I could start as a sales rep……. yes, the company offered me “The Job”. After some consideration….. I told them “no”

I realised that I fell in love with the pharmaceutical supply chain and that decision made my future and my career.