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I think it is quite exciting to watch a relay race…all participants ready for start, focused completely on handing over the baton and the goal is to finish as soon as possible!

How many handovers can you define within the supply chain of pharmaceuticals?
There are many hands like for instance quality, finance, marketing, registration, production, supply chain.
Who can focus on this race and has the transparancy, helicopterview and the capability to do their utmost to get the medicine to the patient as quickly as possible.

If you watched relay races you know where the tension is rising hughly……..exactly the handover point…..because if the baton and the team are losing big time…..

It is exactly the same situation for the pharma supply chain, there are so many moments where we can drop the baton…so many desks and so many departments…what is important that we have full transparancy of the track of the race, the handover points where we can trip over, how quickly we can get up and continue our race…to make sure the baton will be at the finish as quickly as possible.

I remember some years ago that we were having problems losing the baton all the time during product launching…how disturbing…patients are waiting for this new medicine..The following issues came up like how fast can we have it in the market, do we have the right forecast so manufacturing can make the right product and release in time, when do we expect market authorization or do we have a clock stop (do we still have questions to answer), is artwork approved in time or do we need some changes, did we inform our 3PL in time that a new product is coming, do we need specials training for warehouse staff, are all financial details transparent… a complex environment.

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