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DISC certified!



A DISC personality analysis gives you insight into the way you act and communicate and what the interaction is with that of others. Providing insight and interesting, but the reason that we work a lot with DISC is because it is a snapshot that shows you well and clearly what your potential is and whether it is currently being used and what it means if it is not.


Understanding the four personality styles helps you communicate better, prevent or reduce conflict, appreciate the differences in others, gain trust and positively influence others.


The DISC personality analysis is done on line and takes 7 to 10 minutes. The DISC personality analysis is included as standard in an individual coaching process and training. You can also contact us to take only the DISC personality analysis and an interview (1,5 hour) for an explanation and create an action plan.


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Equine Assisted Coaching part 2

As many as a million people in the Netherlands take antidepressants every day. One of the causes is the job they go to every day. It does not give energy, but it swallows up.

The difficulty is how to formulate clear thoughts about what you want now, where you can earn money and get your energy.
Horse coaching is ideally suited to get your thoughts clear and to break through the “circle of thinking”.
Experiment, Reflect, Experience & Realize

New Service of PSLOGISTICS, Equine Assisted Coaching

Experiment, Reflect, Experience & Realise

Equine Assisted Coaching Ice Ice Baby is located in Eemnes in a beautiful area.

I am a EAC certified coach and I followed my training at Keulseweg., I am affiliated with the KREAC and the professional organisation CAT collective alternative therapists.

I think certification is very important for guaranteeing the quality of the coaching.

I coach together with my 7 year old mare Ice Ice Baby. Ice loves to eat, jump, play in the meadow and cuddle.

Coaching with your own horse is of course also possible.

You can contact us for business or private coach sessions. The coaching sessions can be followed by adults both with and without the horses.

For team projects I coach together with EAC certified coaches.

Coaching is key!

I like coaching young people with less than 2 years of experience. With questions like “have I chosen the right environment” or “which next function would suit me”, you have come to the right place. I am a career coach with more than 25 years of business experience. Over the years I have noticed that people sometimes need not only a mentor but also a coach.

Also people who have held a certain position for some time, would like to do something different but do not know exactly which direction I could support. Because I walk along on the work floor, I can observe situations directly and discuss them later in a work session. But I am also directly approachable if an employee needs it. Satisfied employees have become an even bigger asset for companies, considering the current personnel shortage. If you are interested in coaching support, please leave a message.


PSLOGISTICS is sponsoring JCK ALTA in Amersfoort.

ALTA is a tennis club that celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019. How fantastic is it to support their young talent. This weekend and the coming week a tournament is being played on the beautiful clay tennis courts at ALTA in Amersfoort.

PSLOGISTICS sponsors with a beautiful water bottle – considering the warm weather very appropriate. We look forward to a challenging competition.

Spider in the web

Spider in the Web


It’s a beautiful picture in autumn especially in the morning with all the drops of water. It makes me think of all kinds of insects that tend to turn this time of the year. Most specifically spiders in all kinds of size and shape. Which brings me to what is close to my heart: supply chain as the spider in the web.


What is the definition of a spider in the web? What do we catch within the supply chain? And with whom do we catch these “flies”? Do we have friend spiders to collaborate with?  How does the spider control his web? How big is the web?


I hear often that the supply chain function is equal to a spider in a web. Are the supply chain people really in the center of the business universe? Do they integrate different roles within a company and make them perform better? Can they provide the sticking glue, like a web, to keep people focused on the issues that matters, and set the right priorities?


Possibly… but what I think is that the supply chain is able to process and assess information from different angles. All relevant information is connected and gets a platform.


This is relevant since the pharmaceutical supply chain is a pretty complex environment. Forgetting one simple element within the pharmaceutical supply chain, may have a major impact on availability of the medicine getting in time to the patient.


If you want to have more information, contact me via this website or via mail